Video: 8 cannabis-infused products from 4/20 that might blow your mind

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      Ah, 4/20: The one day a year Vancouverites from all walks of life can walk to the beach, and without a shred of shame, fear, or judgment, purchase marijuana in whatever form they desire.

      If yesterday's 23rd annual event was your first in a few years, you were probably taken aback by the sheer number of products being sold.

      Where one might have had to guess the potency of a crumbly, saran-wrapped brownie purchased at the event a few years ago, most vendors now rock fancy packaging complete with dose size, descriptive labeling, and the product know-how to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

      Sure, small-scale homemade edibles and basement-grown ganja could be found in more booths than I bothered to count, but the cannabis industry's more progressive and business-oriented side was just as visible. 

      With the legal cannabis industry booming in parts of the United States and proposed legalization around the corner for Canada, many entrepreneurs are rushing to get their unique infused products to the market. 

      While smoking cannabis has long been the preferred method of consumption, many are now stepping away from the habit for other forms of ingestion. Think edible oils and tinctures, infused juices, topical creams, and more.

      Check out the video below for a closer look at some creative ways entrepreneurs are infusing cannabis into their products.

      Check out a list of 8 cannabis-infused products the Straight found at 4/20.
      Amanda Siebert