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Newspaper Taste

I swear this newspaper is turning into a hemp magazine.

Older worker guy

i have this feeling I'm being discriminated against about my age (58) at work. 2 of my managers have made comments like "at your age" or "that guy is half your age". And a few other comments. Paranoid perhaps but it's somewhat unsettling.

Aware of My Limitations

I would move to Montreal, but know that I'm not good at speaking other languages...

New Budget

Since I stopped dating, I can take myself out for dinner almost any time I want, but rarely do.

Need feed

When someone calls up and says right away "I need" it really means "I feed". Need is the food of energy vampires who need need and need and don't ever give back because they need so much.

Bad Medicine

I wonder how many patients you're going to involve yourself with on a personal level until the College finally rips your license from you? It's a miracle you've gotten away with as much as you have. Either you don't care and think you're invisible or you have some insiders helping you get away with everything.

Is it crazy... move to another country for love?

If you had insisted

that I take my receipt so I would learn your name; it worked.

Bald is beautiful?

Well so I hear, I'm not bald in the traditional since, I just have a extremely receding hairline & no no matter how many times I try to shave my hair it grows back too quickly, my hair is dark brown too plus with my large forehead it makes me look like a fucking freak monster & really I'm so self-concious about it. #firstworldproblems

I confess

I hate liars. I lived with some liars. Others helped the liars to lie, so they lied also. All those liars are on a list. it's a list they don't know about. it's a list they really don't want to be on. They'll get a very clear understanding of why that is soon. they won't lie again.

Women putting makeup on

When women apply makeup on Skytrain and the bus, it's like a car crash: I can't look away because it's so ghastly. The women may think they are unattractive without their "war paint" and will slather it on publicly. Personally, someone preening in public like that with mirror in hand is way more unattractive than a makeup-free face.

Post FB poke

It's 2017. We should be able to upload Facebook photos of our friends into a VR headset and have virtual sex with whoever we want. Hurry up Science!

Some of us keeping breaking

Every time I get my period I need an hour or two to myself to cry. I weep because it's one more month that I am not pregnant. One less chance to bring life into the world. When I bleed I feel like I am failing. I am broken.


Graphically Beautiful in Guildford

I ran into you, a stunning girl, at Guildford Mall, Nespresso Stand. You said you were a graphic...