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I think that I've learned my lesson about buying second hand crap from strangers. Every time, no matter how good of a deal it seems, there's something wrong with the item that eventually or suddenly needs to be fixed. There's something to be said for warranties....

Cats and Dogs

People talk about gender expectations, but I've noticed there are pet expectations too. Try scratching a dog under its chin or patting a cat on the flank and people make all kinds of comments. What's the big deal? They're more or less built the same, so why would a dog not enjoy a chin scratch or a cat a flank pat?


It's annoying when people are entitled and have never even put more than 8 hours in their day of work. If they have never worked hard to get ahead, but expect it, it becomes annoying. How can we welcome them to reality? ... I wish we still had unions, but ironically the entitled generation of millenials does not believe in unions. They believe in government sponsored "equitable" wages... Aka. communism. Okay, the last part is a stretch a bit... But I think we might oddly be on that path a little.

Gym Escorts

I go to the gym on a regular basis and I'm really surprised by people who pay nearly a hundred dollars for an hour with a personal trainer. Their conversations in the gym seem to have very little to do with health and fitness. They seem to prey on the sad and lonely. Wake up people their friendship and interest in you is conditional, it isn't genuine.

I should have known better

"On the Path to Enlightenment" ... I stole this book ... give me a break ... do you know how this will wreck my relationship at the library? .... It will cost me big time ... just drop it off at the Carnegie when you're done with it PLEASE

The Ridewalk

Ok, I'm trying to come up with a rational reason why everyone thinks that it's ok that they personally should be riding their bike on the sidewalk. Fear of cars is the only thing that I can think of, in which case, maybe it's time to re-think your transit decisions. That, or just either utter hubris or stupidity. Which is it?

Frequent Friend

She didn't trust me because I had been with many women in the times when I was single in between relationships. I didn't trust her because she had always been with a man and had never actually been single in her life.

Better Off

Sometime I regret not having a woman, but then I remember that I don't want one. More hassle than worth.

Kid banter

I confess that I don't understand why there is so much resentment against those posters who say they want to have kids. I'm pretty left leaning so I don't like seeing people buy into workaholism and miss out on rewarding life experiences because our institutions reward capital productivity. I suspect they are crushing a natural desire to reproduce at the cost of the individual due to underlying economic structures in our society.

Company functions

I really don't want to attend company functions nor do I want to hang around with my coworkers outside of my work schedule. I honestly feel uncomfortable in such settings and especially being around with people who are fake and with negative intentions. My personal time should be my personal time to live my personal life not my employer's.....

I caught myself

Moving on. I met somebody last night and for the first time in so many months I didn't think about my ex at all. I finally have reason to believe I'll be okay.

Meat eater

Someone showed up at a BBQ and was bashful about the fact that he brought meat to be BBQ'd. This PC politeness thing is ridiculous...

Pet grief

My confession is that I sometimes get really angry when I think about how my dog, whose breed life span is about 10 - 12 years, barely made it to 10 before she died suddenly and there are other dogs who have surpassed their life span by years and are still going strong. I don't wish ill on anyone's pet; I just wish I still had mine.


Eagle Mask !! Spirt Gallery!!

We talked about native carvings and that we shared an interest in art. I bought the eagle mask...


Former Canucks headline Team Canada's...

Willie Desjardins will try to coach the team to Olympic gold.