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Glass Houses

Maybe don't tell me drunkenly to get off my phone when you are openly drinking alcohol on a Monday afternoon in a community centre.

Dancing Shoes

Ten years ago I was out dancing 3-4 nights a week. What happened?? Don't get old.

Younger Guys

I met a guy 15 years younger than me - although I look super young, so no one would ever know. That said, years ago I would have never done this and now I am excited about it. He treats me better and is more of a gentleman than any guy I have met in his 30's for the longest time - so why pass up a great one just because of age? I'm not doing it anymore. And I definitely don't care what people think. I'm living my life for ME. P.S. Don't pass up on someone because of their age. Put more weight on their personality. You might just surprise yourself ;)


I heard somewhere that your rent should be equivalent to one week's pay. That is not the case here for me since The Olympics.

New Age B.S

I'd love to see the Dalai Lama live for one year in regular society. Say, New York? It would be interesting to see just how 'enlightened' he would be after having to grind it out, make a living, deal with assholes in-person and manage conflict, etc.

How it would feel

I've been dreaming of you practically every night lately. Last week, I dreamed that we reconciled and decided to try and be together. It felt really amazing to be one equal ground with you again. Anyhow, we were camping in the dream and you told me to go wait in the tent for you and you'd be there in a minute. I went to the tent and then looked outside and saw that you were partying with a bunch of other people I didn't know. I think the dream was telling me that, even if you and I ever were together, you were just going to continue having a life outside of our "tent" that I would never be a part of. Unfortunately, you're still haunting my dreams since that one but I'm hoping that my sub-conscious is finally reaching a point of letting you go.

Head Orifice

They tell me one thing and then want another. "We are trying out the new chat feature for our website and I would like you to test it for a week for us. "O.k. I can do that" It's now been 4 weeks and I'm still doing the chat. I knew I shouldn't have accepted this 'test'. It interferes with day to day work and walk in customers/phone calls. I have to neglect my own stores customers to help someone else out and 9/10 times they aren't even in my area so another branch will potentially get the sale...and I did all the work...this makes sense.

I must have done somethin wrong in my previous life

When in the university back in my homecountry Had plenty chances to find a girl for marriage. Until i moved here for job 4 years ago. Damn If only I knew Id have settled back there. By now Im single 28yo who looks like 20-22 for almost 4 years which is messed up, I had never paid for sex to prostitutes in my life until came here. A Well educated man fit hardworkin without any bad habits cant find a wife. wtf?! stoner-girls, netflix&chill girls, Princess-girls, I-want-to-be-a-wife-but-cant-cook-for-my-hubby-and-kids-girls...

Deserving of Love?

I am deeply insecure and afraid no one will love me for who I am. The logical part of me knows it's not true and I'm talking BS but the emotional side of me is crying out for some TLC... I wonder if others feel the same because I look around and everyone seems happily paired up or have no problem being by themselves.

Fuck strata living

I'd much rather live in a older single rancher than share thin walls with assholes that go on power trips and expect you to be as miserable as they are.

Get off the sidewalk with you bicycle, PLEASE!

The worst part about the warmer weather, it brings out all the ding-bats who don't know the rules of the road when it comes to bikes. You're not suppose to ride on the sidewalks. This includes you, Mom and Dad with your two kids, (4 bikes all together) w/o helmets, riding down Willingdon near Kingway on the sidewalk, without a care in the world. And when I told them, "Get off the sidewalk with your bicycles", a blank stare only solidified their ignorance of the law and the fact they were teaching their children how to break the law too. And to the meek and timid passer-byers who look AT ME as if it's all my fault: get a backbone and gaze your eyes upon the real culprits here! People who ride bikes on sidewalks give all bike riders a bad name. The next biker I see coming at me on the sidewalk may be met by a citizens arrest!

It always looks good

A clean bright white t shirt always looks great on a guy. And yes the backwards baseball hat is hot, don't ask me why. (Does it signify "Ready for action"? Dunno!) This woman always smiles inside when she sees this combo. Thank you, boys!


I laugh my skin out with Sister Act

Purpose of life...

Do people with kids ever wonder about their purpose in life, or is it a childless thing (and we have more time)...?

I have a dream

Imagine if all the people who complained about how grey and wet and boring Vancouver is left. I feel like there would be a end to the housing crisis.



I saw you as soon as I walked into a certain veg mexican restaurant on 12th and commercial, where...


115 Vancouver concerts in June

*JUNE 1: *Grammy-winning R&B and soul-pop singer-songwriter